About Tim

I was born in California, taken over by Brazil, Guatemala and by Jesus, and never sure where they will take me.

I am not ever sure where my wife and kids will take me either.  When I let them lead me, it usually leads to good things. Being husband and Dad is one of the best gigs going.

Being a grandpa is even better.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with things I wrote years ago, but I have not deleted them.  Please read this blog as the story of a journey.  I haven’t arrived where I am going yet.  If I get lost along the way, I have a great guide who keeps trying to get me back on course.

Presently, though I live in California, I work in Brazil.  I am on the team of Martureo-the Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflecton.   I am able to do so because of the generous contributions of my friends.  It has been surprising to me, all these years, that God has used this method to provide what I need to live and to do my work.

If you would like to participate in Martureo by supporting me you can do so here.

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