Drawn to God with Maori and Settler in Aotearoa New Zealand

When I spoke last week at the Annual Meeting of Missions Interlink NZ in Auckland, New Zealand, I found it difficult to figure out what to say to experienced mission leaders.  So I did something I should do more often:  I asked for a little help from my friends–and sent a quick circular letter asking for prayer.

New Zealand is a relatively new context.  The more often I come, the clearer it becomes Continue reading “Drawn to God with Maori and Settler in Aotearoa New Zealand”

I’ve been published! Here’s my review of “Still Evangelical?”

I wanted to let you know that I recently wrote a book review and it was published!

Earlier this year Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary, edited and published Still Evangelical?: Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning.  The collection was part of an effort to address the recent problems with evangelical identity politics and has many helpful essays from many sides of the political confusion that has captured the vision of what the label “evangelical” refers to. Continue reading “I’ve been published! Here’s my review of “Still Evangelical?””

Join us in making changes…

I tell people I commute to Brazil.  Mapa-Mundo-AtualAnd sometimes I do, and sometimes I work from the USA focused on the work of Martureo–The Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection where I am Executive Coordinator.

How does Martureo work?

Martureo influences the perspective and efforts of thousands of Brazilians who bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, and all his teachings, around the world and in every sphere of society. In 2018 Martureo did this in three significant ways.  We offered Continue reading “Join us in making changes…”

We are home, after the trip of a lifetime: where was the love?

Over the last month, we were on “the trip of a lifetime.” It was an opportunity for rest and renewal and, most importantly, multiple experiences of love.

The most visible experiences of love were found in the journey, which was itself a gift from God.  It is quite special that we were given the privilege of being gone for an entire month to wander around Europe.  It was love that gave us access to enough resources for us to visit Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Holland, and Norway.  The surprising part was that we were on the receiving end of so many acts of generosity, that expressed love from friends toward us.

Continue reading “We are home, after the trip of a lifetime: where was the love?”

40 years of unfinished projects. Thanks for sticking with us!

The story of more than 40 years of our life with Latin Americans came together in a very special way in 2017.

During the second half of the year, I learned important lessons.  Those lessons reminded me that we don’t walk through life alone.  This story would not have happened without you: Continue reading “40 years of unfinished projects. Thanks for sticking with us!”