2018 Ministry update

My work

I tell people I commute to Brazil.  Mapa-Mundo-AtualAnd sometimes I do, and sometimes I work from the USA focused on the work of Martureo–The Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection where I am Executive Coordinator.

How does Martureo work?

Martureo influences the perspective and efforts of thousands of Brazilians who bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, and all his teachings, around the world and in every sphere of society. In 2018 Martureo did this in three significant ways.  We offered graduate level missiology courses in partnership with a local seminary in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro mission leaders and for others are preparing for service both inside and outside Brazil.  Martureo also published scholarly articles and books for leaders of the Brazilian mission movement and an on-line video series.  Our social media engaged thousands of people, helping them think about the world from the perspective of the mission of Christ.

Our typical annual program would include a symposium in which leaders would come together from various mission agencies, training programs, and fields of service, to work on a shared issue of mission practice.  Consultation Oct 2017You can read about our 2017 symposium here.  However, this year we did something different.  Marcos Amado, founder of Martureo, and I needed something like a symposium for ourselves to address our own issues of mission practice.

image-2-from-martureo-assessment-sept-2016-page-1Martureo been good for our own productivity.  Plus, the response to our efforts has been gratifying.  But we realized that we should not facilitate our own efforts only.  Brazilian mission challenges need broader missiological focus than what just we can offer.

Join us in making some important changes.

We are making significant changes in Martureo– Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection where I serve as Executive Coordinator.  We begin to implement the changes in Martureo in early 2019.  We will add a senior colleague who can develop the Martureo program to assist leaders outside of Martureo to do the research, writing and teaching that improve the level of mission training, finds solutions together to shared problems, and shares the results of their research widely.

We have begun to seek initial funding to hire a new Executive Director.  In addition to responsibilities for Program Development, an Executive Director would also be tasked with donor relations.

Meanwhile we are also finishing up our work in 2018.  Again, a big thank you to those who have contributed prayers and finances during the year.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to create a Center for Missiological Reflection that strengthens faithful witness by Brazilians in a global setting.

If you would like to consider a gift before the end of the year, we need an additional $8000 to finish well.  Any amount you want to offer will be gratefully accepted at give.martureo.com.br or by sending a check to

PO Box 480
Wheaton, IL 60187

Thank you!  Tim-Lois-July-2018.jpg


We are home, after the trip of a lifetime: where was the love?

Life and Faith

Over the last month, we were on “the trip of a lifetime.” It was an opportunity for rest and renewal and, most importantly, multiple experiences of love.

The most visible experiences of love were found in the journey, which was itself a gift from God.  It is quite special that we were given the privilege of being gone for an entire month to wander around Europe.  It was love that gave us access to enough resources for us to visit Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Holland, and Norway.  The surprising part was that we were on the receiving end of so many acts of generosity, that expressed love from friends toward us.


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It’s not about the ships.

The important thing is how cargo gets from one part of the world to another.

Sometimes the best way is on a ship that passes through the Canal.  But not all cargo stays in ships as it goes through the Canal.   The canal administration understands that is a node in a flow of global commerce from everywhere to everywhere.  The canal is an important part of Panama’s brand:  “Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe.”

Panama is about connectivity between humans.   But the Canal doesn’t produce the

Polycentric Missiology, by Allen Yeh

God and humanity

I wish we could sit down and read Polycentric Missiology together.  We might find ourselves talking together about what difference mission makes. Hopefully, our conversation would take us beyond celebrating or condemning missionaries who went out from a “Christian” North to a pagan South. Instead, we would talk about how the world changed in the 20th Century and reflect on the surprisingly decisive role that Christian mission played.

I would really be excited if reading it together, you might also find a way to help me resolve a long-standing frustration of mine.  When we first went to Brazil as missionaries, I discovered the world was not really organized in the way the “missions” narrative I learned from had portrayed it to me. I can’t say that was the frustration.  After

Never Forget — Sept 16, 2001

God and humanity

“Never forget” is our September 11, 2001, motto, especially if we were old enough to experience that awful day.   I do wonder, though, why is it that holding onto a horrible memory so important?

One vivid memory I have is that, for a few moments, everyone could see that the economic, political and military powers that rule the world might not be invincible after all.


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In late April, I started a new job in Brazil.  I am now the Executive Coordinator for Martureo:  the Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection.

Marcos Amado founded Martureo to produce resources Brazilians need to assess their experience in global mission and chart a course for the future.

When Lois and I went as missionaries to Brazil in the 70’s we believed Brazilians should not so much receive missionaries as send them.  Over the next few decades that is exactly what happened.  A movement of Brazilians in global mission emerged and grew.

Immigrants, take America back!

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The cover of Atlantic Magazine this month asks if America can put itself back together again. Convoluted thinker that I am, I wondered where this “again” came from and where (or who) some people want to take America “back” from (of course some of us know that it is on the brink).

When was America “together” in the first place?  If there was a time when this country was not on the brink, your ancestors may have missed it.  Some of mine were in “the home country” until the Gold Rush, and others didn’t come until the 20th Century.  On the other hand, maybe some of yours were already here.  That’s possible if you are from an old California or Texas family with a Spanish last name family, but then maybe “America” was about to invade them.