It’s not about the ships.

The important thing is how cargo gets from one part of the world to another.

Sometimes the best way is on a ship that passes through the Canal.  But not all cargo stays in ships as it goes through the Canal.   The canal administration understands that is a node in a flow of global commerce from everywhere to everywhere.  The canal is an important part of Panama’s brand:  “Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe.”

Panama is about connectivity between humans.   But the Canal doesn’t produce the Continue reading “PANAMA”PUENTE DEL MUNDO, CORAZON DEL UNIVERSO””

Polycentric Missiology, by Allen Yeh

I wish we could sit down and read Polycentric Missiology together.  We might find ourselves talking together about what difference mission makes. Hopefully, our conversation would take us beyond celebrating or condemning missionaries who went out from a “Christian” North to a pagan South. Instead, we would talk about how the world changed in the 20th Century and reflect on the surprisingly decisive role that Christian mission played.

I would really be excited if reading it together, you might also find a way to help me resolve a long-standing frustration of mine.  When we first went to Brazil as missionaries, I discovered the world was not really organized in the way the “missions” narrative I learned from had portrayed it to me. I can’t say that was the frustration.  After Continue reading “Polycentric Missiology, by Allen Yeh”

Never Forget — Sept 16, 2001

“Never forget” is our September 11, 2001, motto, especially if we were old enough to experience that awful day.   I do wonder, though, why is it that holding onto a horrible memory so important?

One vivid memory I have is that, for a few moments, everyone could see that the economic, political and military powers that rule the world might not be invincible after all. Continue reading “Never Forget — Sept 16, 2001”

Christian targets.

Last week I overheard a conversation between Kenyan Christians and Nigerian Christians about decisions they would have had to make when people they know are targetted to die because they are Christians. What kind of world they want to create by their response?

A lot of Christians in the United States claim that they are also targeted by opponents.  Some see in this a growing “persecution.” Continue reading “Christian targets.”

Religious genocide outcries

Outcry about Christians being wiped out in Iraq and Syria.  I have prayed asking God for ways to protect them, particularly the children.  I have even wondered if the long history of persecution of Christians might ever reach me, and what would I do?

Outcry about Israeli children killed by Hamas missiles.  Jews have experienced persecution and genocide over and over again throughout history.   Israelis feel threatened by the bombs and rhetoric of Hamas, especially when innocent Israeli children are killed.  They don’t want to be victims any more.

What surprises me right now, though, is that in many places in the world it is Muslims who are being massacred.  I don’t hear any outcry about Muslims who are victimized.    Why the silence?