My birthday

Today is my birthday. If it dries up enough, Lois and I will go out to Point Reyes for a nice walk. Tomorrow Angela and Shaun will join us for dinner.


Point Reyes was great. We started at the south trailhead of the Coast Trail, turned toward the beach at the Palomarin trail and went down the beach. We picked up a bottle that looked like it had spent a lot of time at sea!

Unfortunately, it didn’t have a message in it. But that would have been a little hard to do because the screw on cap was still sealed!

It had barnacles on it and it looks like it is a little crooked, that is, the base is not straight, so when you sit it on a table, it leans a little to one side.

Best of all, it doesn’t have any brand markings or names on it, and it looks a little crude in its manufacture. We got the idea that it is not from the USA.

So we brought it home in hopes of figuring out its story some day (right!). Since the theme is “getting old”, it works for a hopeful retirement project (still a long way off!).

Afterwards Lois took me to Caffè Trieste in Sausalito for a bite to eat complese with a live Jazz band and Marimba. Along with the Marimba the guy waiting the tables just gave me the feeling that I should go up to him and say, “Usted ¿De qué parte de Guatemala es?” But, by his looks, you might wonder if he spoke Spanish. ¡Qué el lector entienda!

This is the way I like to celebrate my birthday.

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