Did you ever think how important it is to have a boss?

I have been working with my Latin American friends to organize PMI’s ministry in the USA for about 4 years now. Just like in the American Express commercial about startups, starting a US version of a ministry created and led by Latin Americans can be a lonely business.

In spite of living 20 years in Latin America and having adopted many Latin American ways, I am still a gringo and I live in the midst of Gringos (echo Isa 6). I get to “visit” Latin America and sometimes experience it right here in the USA among my new immigrant friends.

Setting up an organization and a ministry that is relevant to Anglos, Hispanics, Brazilians as well Muslims, to immigrants in the USA, to residents and to people who have never been here, is a huge challenge. To set up an organization that honors them and honors God, one that is based on obedience to God and challenges other people to hear God’s voice and obey Him, this is an additional challenge!

There is a group of people who stand with me in a special way as I do this.

What they do for me is so very important. They listen, they pray, they support, and they tell me how to do my job. If I didn’t have them, I might be floundering.

Having a good boss is so important! And I have two sets of them.

One set of my bosses are the Latin Americans who run PM Internacional from Spain. I love working for them and with them.

My other boss is the Board of Directors of the US organization of PM Internacional (we call it PMI-USA for short). This last weekend they spoke clearly and honestly into my life. If I can do what they said, I will be more effective in ministry and more balanced as a person. If it works, I imagine Lois will be grateful!

This group of people sacrifices time and money and works hard so that Latino Christians can become friends with Muslims and they pray for the Spirit of God to make Himself known in those friendships!

That kind of commitment is humbling. I am grateful. I need what they do for me and for the rest of the family of PMI around the world. But I never feel like I deserve it.

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