Where is Tim?

I will be away from home and the office from February 23 to March 13.  Ouch! 
If you need to contact me, the best way is to send me an e-mail. 
It is actually possible to phone me, but it costs me a lot to get your call.  You also need to adjust for the time difference.
If my phone is off, I will be checking my voice mail messages at the office.  You can leave me a message at +1(925)935-7640 and I should get it within a day or two. 
Here is where I will be.
February 24: In Guatemala visiting friends.  Ricardo and Elisa Hernández (Guatemalan serving in Senegal), Ciria Yela (fomerly PMI-USA, now living in San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz), Gerber López (Director of Agencia Misionera América Latina and sender of missionaries), David and Dora Amalia Ruiz (President of COMIBAM), Jorge Mario Ramirez (Administrator of the Church of God Center (IDEC) ).  Sleep at the home of Pedro Samuc from Santiago, Atitlán who promotes the use of the Scriptures in Mayan languages.
Costa Rica
February 25:  Fly to Costa Rica in the morning for a week with a short-term mission team from Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church who will be working at Roblealto Bible Home (for children), founded by the Strachans (founders of our mission, LAM) 75 years ago
February 26:  Preach at Iglesia Bíblica Nazareth in San José in the morning, Lunch with Cliff and Linda Holland, and preach at Iglesia Bautisa El Bosque in Zapote in the evening.
February 27 & 28:  Work with the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church team at the Children’s Home
March 1:  Visit ESEPA and possibly teach a Perspectives Course.  Visit friends Pablo Mauger, Olman Montero
March 2:  Spend the Day at Roblealto.  Carlos & Yamileth Abarca (Latin America Coordinator for PMI) and Stan Jeter (CBN News/Mundo Cristiano www.MundoCristiano.tv) should be joining us for lunch.
March 3:  Visit San José with WCPC team.
March 4:  Debriefing and departure for Guatamala 
March 4:  I spend the night at Hugo and Rhoda Morales’ home. 
March 5:  Travel to Granada, Spain via LAX and London.
Los Angeles
March 5:  Spend the day with Carlos España between flights.
March 6:  Arrive 12 noon at Heathrow and leave 16:15 from Stansted.  Arrive Granada around 8pm
Granada, Spain
March 7-9  Executive leadership team of PM Internacional, led by Allan Matamoros. 
March 10  Meetings with PMI friends and colleagues for discussing a variety of shared tasks.
March 11  Travel to London
March 11-12  Weekend with my friend Bertil Ekstrom, (World Evangelical Fellowship–WEA–Missions Commission and former President of COMIBAM), who is working on his doctorate at All Nations Christian College.
March 13 Fly home from London to San Francisco.  Finally!

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