Martureo: some accomplishments from 2017

My main responsibility, after trying to be a loving husband, father, and grandfather, is to help coordinate the people in Martureo who are creating a Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection

Matureo buddhistI have copied here for you the report from our Martureo site about some of our accomplishments in 2017.  In Martureo we understand how important it is for Brazilian mission practitioners to carefully consider how they give witness to Christ and participate in his mission in all spheres of society.  And I am very pleased with what we were able to accomplish.

During 2017,  while God continued to work on us,  he also allowed us to participate in His Mission.  With the support of people like you, we worked hard to support Brazilian mission practitioners and help them think carefully about the job that they do.

Here are some of the ways we got to participate: 

De Quem é a terra SantaWe translated and published, Whose Promised Land?: The Continuing Crisis Over Israel and Palestine by Colin Chapman.  Our partnership with a Christian publisher (Ultimato) and a major seminary (Servo de Cristo in São Paulo) provided the platform for these efforts to make good missiology available in Portuguese.CrowdWe helped at Vocare 2017 April 21-23 in Maringá.  Vocare is an initiative by new generation Brazilian mission leaders, blessed and supported by AMTB—the Brazilian Cross-cultural Missions Association—to lead young people like themselves into engagement with the world in light of the gospel.  The Martureo team (Katsue Takeda, Felipe Fulanetto, Tiago Gomides, Timothy Halls and Adriana Degaspari) participated actively, built connections and gave talks.

We published articles on for leaders to think together about mission and for mission training programs all over the country.  AlcorãoSome of the articles we published this year include:

  • The Brazilian missions movement and new generations: reductionism, false dichotomies and new challenges.  By Marcos Amado
  • Evangelical “orthodoxy”, Brazilian mission leaders and the question of “Muslim followers of Christ” By Marcos Amado
  • Signs and Wonders: Necessary but not Sufficient (ambiguity in gospel encounters among Buddhists in Thailand) by Alan R. Johnson.
  • The Turkish Hadith Project – Reexamination of Traditions within the Islamic World – by Peter Riddell.
  • A series: Biblical reflections about the Prosperity Gospel. Articles from the Lausanne movement.
  • The Calvinist Reformers’ Commitment to the Propagation of the Gospel to All Nations. By Elias Medeiros
  • Arab Christianity before the emergence of Islam and the contribution of Eastern Christians in the social and scientific development of the Arab-Muslim Empire by Marcos Amado
  • Islam in Brazil by Vanessa Lima.

Visit our page to read all articles published by Martureo

We taught missiology students. Servo de Cristo ClassIn partnership with the Servant of Christ Seminary, Marcos Amado taught in three programs.

  • Postgraduate Oriental Studies – one-year on sharing faith in Christ with Muslims.
  • Postgraduate Missiology Studies – one-year on becoming “witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ and all his teaching in all nations and in all spheres of society”
  • Masters in Intercultural Studies – theology course with modules on mission.

Marcos speaking We also spoke at Sepal 2017 National Pastors’ Conference. 
At the 43th Sepal Pastors Conference in May workshops focused on the theme: Simple Church: Rediscovering the Mission.  Marcos Amado spoke on Mission among Muslims: facing the challenge of Islamic terrorism. Felipe Fulanetto, Publications Coordinator,  gave a talk on A Simple Church for a Simple Mission: engaging the new generation in the challenges of the world.

Facilitating change
Consultation Oct 2017Consultation: training Brazilians for service in the Muslim World.

On the eve of the triennial Brazilian Congress on Missions (CBM) in October 2017, representatives from 18 agencies that send or train Brazilian mission workers to the Muslim World met for a consultation in Aguas de Lindóia/SP. From 21 to 23 October 2017, we listened carefully to each other to understand better the various ways in which Brazilian evangelicals serve Christ among Muslims.

We discovered the crucial role of training centers and sending-agencies play in shaping the attitudes of Brazilian evangelicals toward Muslims. We committed to assisting Brazilian evangelicals to love intentionally, rather than fear, Muslims.

A working group was established to carry out specific projects to develop a training curriculum.  These two initiatives will prepare Brazilians to serve in the Muslim World and give testimony among Muslims.

The Consultation was an initiative of AMTB (the Brazilian TransCultural Missions Association) and organized by Sepal, MEAB and Martureo.

Representatives of the following organizations participated: MEAB, AME, Kairós, Interserve, M3, Sepal, Frontiers, Martureo, MIAF, Pioneers, JMM, JUVEP, Missão Antioquia, CEM, Betel Brasileiro, PMI, Avante and SIBIMt

22712611_2483829435176171_7715300840981391250_oCBM – Brazilian Congress on Missions

Members of the advisory council of Martureo participated in the 2017 Brazilian Congress on Missions (CBM), the triennial gathering of the Brazilian Transcultural Missions Association (AMTB). The Martureo team participated in the program and had many other opportunities to support leaders of the Brazilian missionary movement as they reflect on the meaning and practice of missions.Martureo teamF
rom left to right: Adriana Nascimento Degaspari, Felipe Fulanetto, Mila Gomides with Sophia, Marcos Amado, Natália Verly, Timothy Halls and Katsue Takeda. (not pictured: Tiago Gomides and Paulo Humaitá).Marcos teaching at 2017 CBMAbove: Marcos Amado discusses realities, challenges and opportunities for the gospel in the Muslim World.Mila teaching at 2017 CBMAbove: Mila Gomides leading seminar participants in prayer for Buddhists.

Above: The founding of AMTB 35 years ago was celebrated as part of the CBM. Martureo Executive Coordinator Timothy Halls was the treasurer of the original Board of AMTB.

AMTB 2017 Report on the Brazilian missions’ force: who, how many, and how do we work?22780247_2484126161813165_4967672048975031407_n A report on the status of the Brazilian Missions Movement was released at CBM.   The announcement that 15,000 Brazilians have been sent to live and proclaim the gospel in cross-cultural situations around the world, was a cause for gratitude.   Brazilian missionaries serve in nearly every country of the globe. The report also sheds important light on the many Brazilian agencies that have emerged to support the sending and training process.

elipe Fulanetto, who takes responsibility for the publication of articles on the Martureo website, was instrumental in the entire research process, from survey to release. He played a significant role in the compilation and analysis of the survey data. W
e are grateful to God that he has seen fit to use Brazilians to share the gospel of Christ world-wide. And Martureo is grateful to have Felipe on our team. Felipe asks for wisdom and resources to carry this project forward.

The survey report and analysis are available in Portuguese at

Brazilians commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October this year. InfográficoThe scope and spread of Protestant Christianity during first 500 years of the Protestant Reformation is stunning, as portrayed in this infographic.

The Portuguese version of the infographic was published by Martureo in cooperation with the Center for Global Christian Studies in Boston.

Macourry at Servo 2017Graduate program in partnership with Servo de Cristo Theological Seminary

Servo de Cristo Theological Seminary in São Paulo, in association with Martureo, has launched a graduate program in Missiology. Students can choose from among various courses of study that are designed to give pastors, missionaries and missiologists the tools they will need to reflect critically as they face challenges of following Christ into His mission.

The above group is from Module II on Islam, this last October with Dr. Chawkat Moucarry. He came to São Paulo to deliver a week long comparative study on the teachings in the Quran and in the Bible about God, Jesus, forgiveness, salvation, mercy, and other themes.

Learn more about the courses on our website.

An invitation to participateAn invitation to participateThe resources you contribute are used to prepare missionaries and missiologists, to translate and publish books and articles, and to organize consultations among missionary leaders.

The Center for Missiological Reflection began in 2014.  At that time, the Lord blessed us with resources generously donated by Brazilians. Because of their generosity, Martureo’s our contribution to the Brazilian missionary movement began.

When you contribute now, your participation makes a difference because missionaries, and those who send them, are being given opportunities to learn and share lessons that will lead to greater effectiveness and longevity in their fields of service.

Please join us in our service to the Brazilian Missions Movement!

Pray for Martureo

We are immensely grateful to share in God’s mission and would like to ask you to pray with us, and for our ability to:

  1. Multiply the number and quality of mission leaders and mission teachers in Brazil;
  2. Produce good articles and publications based on biblical and academic reflection on real challenges faced by the Brazilian missionary movement;
  3. Ensure the long-term sustainability of the Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection – Martureo.

Contact Us

Martureo – Center for Missiological Reflection Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 521 Vl. Mariana São Paulo, SP 04111-021 Brazil

Please visit our website.  If you read Portuguese, you can learn more about what Martureo does.

Access our facebook page to follow us throughout the year.

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